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To the paulista community it was amazing had the opportunity to celebrate THE ENGLISH DAY, this activity had been planning during all the year. The students were the most participative during this day because they had done a lot of interesting things like AN ENGLISH FESTIVAL BOOK, A HORROR FASHION SHOW, THEY HAVE SUNG A LOT OF SONGS, THEY HAVE WORN A LOT OF COSTUMES since primary school to high school, but the most important was the performance OEDIPUS THE KING by Sophocles, Greek literature where the students from 11th grade had  a special moment  working in some English skills  like speaking and  listening  in an amazing  stage  full of lights  with  students and parents.

Thinking about the English day is undoubtedly remembering a stage full of magic, color and above all full of talent. In the Colegio Cooperative Paulo VI the students are having an education with values and friendship and it was a good opportunity to show all the work they had done during the year.

Thanks to everyone for the  special participation in this  day!